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Hey rooftoppers! We need your help! We need you to spread We Like Shooting from the streets and the rooftops. By signing up (FOR FREE) and sharing the show you can earn points. Whenever someone clicks on your unique link you earn points and your points earn you rewards and more! The rewards are not that hard to get. Just share the link, share your passion and get stuff! Below are our current rewards. We’ll be adding more all the time.

Not only can you earn the great rewards listed below, but you can also earn badges for bragging rights.

Level 1

  • Hey, it’s cool, we all have to start somewhere! Get started and earn points. We make this one super easy as a reward for helping us grow!
  • Level one gets a We Like Shooting sticker!
  • (Requires 25 points)

Level 2

Sold my highpoint
  • So you’ve learned a couple of things and decided to sell your highpoint. There you go!
  • Level 2 gets a We Like Shooting patch!
  • (Requires 75 points)

Level 3

Rifle builder
  • Oh look at this stud! You bought your parts and decided to assemble your own AR-15. Sure it isn’t perfect but it’s all yours!
  • Level 3 gets a custom We Like Shooting Official Rooftopper shirt!
  • (Requires 150 points)

Level 4

  • Did you order the code red? You got the balls now you get the rewards
  • Level 4 wins the trifecta of We Like Shooting Swag, Pint Glass, 100 rnds of ammo and a chance to win a Savoy leather holster
  • (Requires 400 points)

Level 5

  • You went behind enemy lines and made friendlies everywhere, you sir are amazing.
  • Level 5 gets a We Like Shooting Car / Laptop sticker
  • (Requires 750 points)

Level 6

TCCC Certified
  • You have earned non-stop bragging rights. You can tell everyone your achivement to the point where their ears bleed.
  • Level 6 gets 2 EZ2C We Like Shooting Target Packs
  • (Requires 1000 points)

Level 7

  • Time for you to get your Chris Kyle tribute tattoo, because you have become a sniper with more kills than the next person below you.
  • Level 7 gets you the mystery prize that we offer on the WLS store, I bet you cant wait to slip into what ever this could be
  • (Requires 1500 points)

Level 8

Bearded Operator
  • Your epic stature is only seconded by the epic beard you have earned by producing so many clicks and returns on your targets.
  • Level 8 gets any patch off of Shawn’s board
  • (Requires 2000 points)

Level 9

Private Contractor
  • You have made the big time, congrats, not only do you get to hit the front lines and be the tip of the spear, but you also get paid like a man.
  • Level 9 gets to sit in as a guest panelist on the We Like Shooting Show for an episode
  • (Requires 2500 points)

Level 10

  • Savage1r is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a turducken. Only you will know his secret identity.
  • Level 10 gets to see what Savage1r looks like!
  • (Requires 2800 points)

Level 11

Kelli's Fan Club
  • Have you met our sponsored shooter, Kelli Sampsel? Since Aaron lost the camera those pictures will never be seen but you can at least get an autographed photo!
  • Level 11 gets an autographed picture of Kelli Sampsel
  • (Requires 3100 points)

Level 12

  • Love him or hate him, Nick is our dawg! You get an autographed picture of Nick!
  • Level 12 gets an autographed picture of Nick!
  • (Requires 3400 points)

Level 13

Jewba the Hutt
  • WLS doesn’t exist without Aaron. He’s the yin to Shawn’s wang. You’ll get an autographed Jabba the Hutt figure and picture of Aaron.
  • Level 13 gets an autographed Jabba the Hutt and picture of Aaron.
  • (Requires 3800 points)

Level 14

Ginger Snaps
  • Lil is so sweet, at this level, Lil will send you a valentine, no matter what time of the year. Maybe even a picture!
  • Level 14 gets a valentine from Lil and maybe even a picture.
  • (Requires 4100 points)

Level 15

Department of the Navy
  • Jeremy is hate personified. When you achieve this reward, you’ll get som Rivers Edge Tactical swag in the mail and Jeremy might write his name on it or some fucking nonsense.
  • Level 15 receives hate from Jeremy via the USPS
  • (Requires 4400 points)

Level 16

  • Shawn will send you an autographed headshot and also a box of ammunition!
  • Level 16 gets an autographed picture of Shawn and a box of ammunition!
  • (Requires 4700 points)

Level 17

Random shit
  • You wreck 5k and you get a custom framed tile with the WLS caricatures printed on it!
  • Level 17 gets a custom framed tile with the WLS cast printed on it!
  • (Requires 5000 points)

Level 18

Friction Heat
  • Holy shit, at this point we can’t tell if you’re cheating, so you win an embroidered WLS jacket to keep you warm in the lonely cold of your guilt!
  • Level 18 gets a custom embroidered jacket
  • (Requires 5750 points)

Level 19

Take Cover
  • At this point, you’re a fucking celebrity so you need a disguise. Take our custom WLS hat and hit Hollywood in style!
  • Level 19 gets a custom WLS hat
  • (Requires 6500 points)

Level 20

2 time loser
  • Shit man! You want to be on the show again?!
  • Level 20 gets to sit in as a guest panelist on the We Like Shooting show for an episode!
  • (Requires 7700 points)